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1000 Brussels

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Stefanie Kennes
Stefanie Kennes

Name: Stefanie Kennes
Profession: Teacher of Dutch and English in a secundary school.
Lives in: Brussels, Place du Jardin aux Fleurs

What do you do in life?

During the day I teach Dutch and English to youngsters in the heart of Brussels. I also try to work out once a day. Afterwards I check out new restaurants or have a drink with friends.

How/why did you get here?

After finishing my studies I travelled through South-America for six months. Back in Belgium I had no job, no money and I didn’t feel like returning to my roots in Limburg. When a friend asked me to share a space in Brussels I grabbed my chance. That was six years ago.

Do you come here often?

Since I live near Place du Jardin aux Fleurs, I come here every day.

What do you like about Dansaert?

Everything you need is at hand, in a rather small area. And a lot of my friends have come to live here too!

Do you have a secret spot in Dansaert?

‘Yyoga’ at Marché aux Poissons is an absolute hit! Most people know the yoga shop, but there is so much more to be discovered! At least five times a week I de-stress during a yoga session. I kick off my shoes, drink some tea: instant zen! A quiet moment in the everyday hustle of Brussels.

Do you have a favorite place in this area?

I love to browse through the books at ‘Passa Porta’ and have a delicious cup of coffee at ‘Or’. All day, every day.

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