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VZW Quartier Dansaert ASBL
Rue Antoine Dansaertstraat 182
1000 Brussels

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Downtown Dansaert

The merchants of Downtown Dansaert are delighted to guide you through a neighbourhood now recognized as the most contemporary district of the capital of Europe.

We take you down classic boulevards with avant-garde fashion and design boutiques, through small streets with hidden gems of creativity and inventiveness, and across squares with historical secrets. We immerse you in art and culture, invite you to the tables of charming and gourmet restaurants, introduce you to the unexpected flavours of Belgian beer before finally leaving you in a legendary jazz bar that never sleeps.

Meet fascinating local characters and welcoming shopkeepers and listen to their surprising stories about the past, present and future of this district. Stay tuned to everything that’s happening in this unique corner of Brussels by signing up for our newsletter.

A warm welcome to Downtown Dansaert!


The most innovative part of Brussels was also the city’s birthplace.

What is now the Vismet was once a quay for mooring boats, then a covered fish market and now home to the city’s finest fish restaurants. The names of the surrounding squares and streets testify to the goods once traded here (Old and New Grain Market, Pig Market, Hop and Malt Street...), the industry that thrived here (Factory Street…) and the religious orders that established monasteries here (Saint Catherine Square, Carthusian Street, Monk Ramparts…).

Residential apartments behind classic facades are still inhabited while industrial buildings are now converted into functional lofts and living units or transformed into art galleries or event venues.

In the mid 1980s, the first pioneers of international fashion moved here. They gave the district its avant-garde character, which still attracts an international public.

Down the centuries, people have lived, worked and celebrated here, and it’s still the case today!

The Committee

Downtown Dansaert came about through the active collaboration of three local traders’ associations (Carthusian Street, Dansaert Street and Leon Lepage Street). Although each street has its unique character, they share typical Dansaert values: quality, creativity and originality.

Under the impetus of several energetic entrepreneurs, and with the support of the Brussels Alderwoman for Commerce, Marion Lemesre, and her cabinet, it was decided to create a vibrant platform to reflect the dynamism of this neighbourhood and to provide guidance to tourists, clients and local residents.

Join us

If you are a shopkeeper, homeowner or resident of the Dansaert district, you are invited to become a member of Downtown Dansaert. As a member you will be invited to our meetings, gatherings and events. In this way, you can have your say and also contribute to the development of your district.

You can also become a supporting member. In which case, you pay an annual contribution to give Downtown Dansaert a welcome financial boost. We sincerely thank you for this invaluable support.

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