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VZW Quartier Dansaert ASBL
Rue Antoine Dansaertstraat 182
1000 Brussels

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25.04 - 28.04.2019

Downtown Dansaert

Dilay Samanli
Dilay Samanli

Name: Dilay Samanli
Profession: Student communication management
Lives in: Centre of Brussels

What do you do in live?

I do lots of things: studying, being a volunteer at Beursschouwburg, and working at Bozar.

How did you get here?

My parents used to live in Brussels, but they moved to ‘Pajottenland’. I came back to study here, and I will stay!

Do you come here often?

I come here every day, not just because of my studies, but also because there are so many interesting things to do!

What do you like about Dansaert?

This is a very lively neighborhood: tourists can enjoy themselves, while inhabitants can go on living their quiet life here. 

Do you have a favorite place in this area?

Am Sweet is a very cosy teahouse! I also love the Beguinage a lot, it has a French or Italian look, and also Place du Marché aux Fleurs is a gem!

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